Sunday, June 22, 2008

On-Watch at LA Police Gear

Apparently people in outdoorsy style professions require extreme-style watches, built for all weather, terrain and coolness situations. These watches cost extreme dollars, so I’m thinking a trip to Luminox would be the mild way to wrap that wild power to your wrist.

Navy Seals shop here. I don’t know any of those, but mama done told me: “Don’t be xenophobic!” On the outskirts of the xenophobia which I’m basically managing to skirt is the desire to make my overboard purchases (read: navy seal super under water catapult death watch) from the privacy of my own home. Good news, fellow ‘fradies! You can fax, call, or buy on the web.

ps I’m paid to write this ad, but it’s a legitimate situation, so you know.

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