Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh, blog-o-sphere.

Mostly these days it is all puppy, puppy-face, making kissy face at puppy, hiking, biking and shows (no hiking and biking), brunches, coffees, reading about Mormons, accessorizing, and, of course, working at the Publishing course in the Journalism school. Besides my real job, I’m also doing some ChaCha guiding for cash. I’ve gotten so many people into it that now I get 10% of their earnings as well (not that it’s really any more than chump change, but at times I can be a simple, simple boy or girl).

It may already be obvious that I’m also doin’ a couple of sponsored blog posts heya and theya. It’s pretty cool because there are few things I do more of already than putz around on the internet, and now I can do that for bucks. The founder of this feast is payperpost.

I’m neutral about the morality of advertising at this point in my life (even sort of excited by its brand-face imaging. It’s like fashion and personal style, right? Oh…), so everybody is happy in this situation. It’s kind of great making weird fluff money on the internet, it kind of justifies freakishly gratuitous purchases like oh, I don’t know, a new ipod touch 16gb from amazon? Daaaaaaang gurl.

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On Time Town said...

Hey, I thought you got that ipod touch 16 gb for free. r u scammin me?