Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holly Holiday

Another day, another brush with the Zodiac. An impromptu bustrip has lead me to Boston for the weekend yet again, and straight into the clutches of an "educational" astrological boardgame. Nobody can argue this out of existence. On the way here my coach was quite crowded as it is (bless) a holiday weekend, and (bless) my row-companion had an unfortunate case of gas. But I calmed myself with a diet coke (just a slight bit spilled on my breezy summer top-- rayon for no seat wrinkling) and 4 downloaded episodes of Weeds on my laptop.

In one more piece of new I briefly met Terrence Hayes at work today, and he is way more dapper (one dapper-fine man) than I would have thought.

1 comment:

Joseph said...

my breezy summer top
was so suited
for the hop
i came unrooted.